Vinod Sharma

Mr. Vinod Sharma is a successful entrepreneur. He has spent 17 passionate years in shaping Deki Electronics Limited into a world class “Film Capacitor” manufacturer. Enthusiastic, value based participative management and high levels of customer orientation have ensured an annual average growth in excess of 30% over the last seventeen years. He plays a very active role in the electronics community – investing a reasonable amount of time and effort in serving Industry associations and representing the industry at several stake holder interventions. Mr. Sharma is a keen trainer and consultant. He allocates a part of his time towards enhancing competitive management skills in managers and entrepreneurs around the world. He is a retained expert at CBI, Centre for developing imports from developing countries – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands. As a CBI expert, he has undertaken several training, audit and consultancy projects – in India, South Africa, Vietnam, Rwanda, Mozambique, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.   Download Full Profile